This Product Contains Nicotine Which is a Highly Addictive Substance.

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Motivated by the desire to create what I want to use

The MONOMOD series features elegant VAPE products for adults that suit their business style. The items have been redesigned to showcase the quality of the materials used and to do away with features that are rarely used. The products' minimalist appearance belies a highly compact and functional structure. Enjoy products that have been born from my commitment to only "create what I want to use".

"ORBITAL RDA" was first released through commercial production in collaboration with Heavengifts / DeepinMaker. Pilot sales of the independent production models of MONOMOD BF (v.2 / equipped with Mod Maker ClickFet v1) have also been planned. At the same time, design plans for the latter's commercial model, RTA, and MONOMOD Origin are also underway.


"Replace parts and enjoy" "Easily repaired when damaged"

Products in the MONOMOD series aim to be devices that can be used over a long period of time. In addition to their ever-refreshing minimalist design, the products' extensibility is enhanced by optional parts and their durability boosted by reparable parts. These products will accompany you for a long time as companions throughout your vaping life.


The purchase of 3D CAD software as a major turning point

Four years ago, there were very few devices whose designs had appealed to me, which motivated me to start drawing rough sketches of my own design. While I had some casual experience in three-dimensional design previously, this was my first time doing it seriously. My purchase of a 3D CAD software that happened to be on sale at that time was a major turning point which brought me into the world of design.

I published my prototype on social media subsequently and it was very well received. Its excellent reception convinced me of the possibility of moving forward with this, which I have continued to do so into the present.

Learning about various processing and operating techniques over the course of 1 year

Using 3D printing services in Japan and abroad, I assembled trial products through trial and error by using various materials including resin and metal and examined the results. Cutting of the metal exterior was initially outsourced to a Chinese manufacturer. The delivered parts could not be used for assembly as they were, but I finally completed my very first prototype through additional processing work.

After having decided on commercial mass production, I registered with fabrication facilities such as TechShop Japan and visited these facilities on a daily basis to perform the cutting of metal parts myself in order to reduce manufacturing costs. I learned about various processing equipment and operating techniques over the course of around 1 year and successfully completed a commercial production prototype by myself. The processing-related knowledge I have acquired in this period has proved to be extremely useful even now in the production of prototypes as it gave me a fundamental hands-on experience in prototype design.

Taking pre-orders and subsequent order cancellations and refunds

Despite taking pre-orders based on the commercial production prototype I had manufactured, the metal-cutting equipment that was introduced for commercial production was unable to achieve the required precision standards, which proved to be a fatal production flaw. I had no choice but to abandon commercial production using this equipment and to cancel and refund all pre-orders that I had received.

Starting a company and releasing my first products

Although I had incurred massive debts from having to abandon commercial production using the equipment introduced, I founded Assembly Inc. 1 year ago in order to resume product development. This time, the commercial production and release of my original product "ORBITAL RDA" were finally possible due to collaboration with Heavengifts / DeepinMaker.

Continuing to do everything I possibly can

In addition to products that have not been announced, I am pressing ahead with projects that are currently underway. There is still a limit to what I am capable of. Perhaps I might make mistakes or fail again. However, I will improve my abilities and continue to do everything I possibly can. For as long as I can.