This Product Contains Nicotine Which is a Highly Addictive Substance.

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Shop name monomod
Representative director Masashi Sakamoto
Postal code 171-0032
Address Assembly Co.,Ltd. 1-45-4 Zoushigaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan TEL.03-6914-0318 FAX.5927-8496
Other expenses Sales tax and shipping fee *currently free shipping until fixing an official package.
Valid period of application Once payment of PayPal can be confirmed, application and payment are completed.
About defective item We will not be able to accept returning items after shipping. Only when the item was defective, we will exchange it to quality one. Besides, downloading items can not be exchanged due to its nature.
Sales quantity Refer to each item page.
Delivery time of goods Currently, it takes 2-4 weeks to ship as we are receiving orders for. We will ship items in stock immediately and ship items out of stock when it is ready. You will be able to use downloading items after completing your application.
Payment method PayPal
Payment deadline Based on the membership terms and conditions of PayPal.
Returning deadline In principle, we will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns because of the customers' personal preferences. Only in the case of defective product, misdelivery and delivering wrong item, we will exchange items only if you contact us within 1 week from the arrival. *Only "unused item" can be exchanged. Also we will not accept return of downloading items due to its nature.
Item return fee We will pay for shipment of the replacement and returning when the occurrence of dissatisfaction in regard to us, such as defective, damaged items and misdelivery.