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Article 1 This Terms of Service

  • This terms is applied to all user.
  • User will not use this site and service when user does not agree to abide by those terms of service.
  • By using this service, users of this service including personal and company-related agree to abide by these terms of service.
  • The contents of this terms and service may be changed as needed for, and we notify users the changes in email, this website and otherwise.When it is changed, users are deemed to agree with the change of terms of service when user uses this service after the change. Please read latest terms and service before use it because latest terms will be applied.
  • This site includes the way to use this site and matters you need to be careful in addition to the terms and service.Also those are parts of this terms practically.
  • Please read those terms of service carefully before you use.

Article 2 Definition

The definition of the terms in the present Terms and Conditions Of Sale will be set forth in each of the following items except as otherwise provided for.

  • The term Terms and Conditions Of Sale
  • The company Assembly Co,.Ltd
  • The site
  • The service All the service provided in the site run by the company.
  • The user Who use this service.
  • Such as intellectual property rights, patent rights, industrial property rights of trademark law rights, copyright (including regulated rights in the 27 and 28 article on Copyright Act) of intellectual property rights and other rights.
  • Confidential information, personal information, consumer information, corporate information and all other information.
  • Antisocial forces, an organized crime group, a person who is a member of an organized crime group or for whom 5 years have not yet passed since leaving an organized crime group, semi-regulars and a related company or association of an organized crime group, such racketeer groups, groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns, crime groups specialized in intellectual crimes and person equivalent thereto.

Article 3 The Services and Fee

  • Our company provides trading service and ordered production as this service at this site.
  • Individual purchase agreement is deemed to have been formed only at the time user follows stipulated method in this site, orders product to our company and our company agrees.
  • Within this site, our company specify more specific details, usage, fee and payment method of this service which are not specified in this agreement.
  • Our company can change specific details, methods, fee, contents of this site and payment method of this service. However our company can not change fee which is paid and the already started service.

Article 4 Delivery Time

  • Basically it takes 2 weeks ~ 2 months to deliver products. In concrete terms, follow the stipulated delivery time on each product pages.
  • Delivery time is only as reference and we do not guarantee delivering products in time, except when we make a definite promise by special request.

Article 5 Payment

  • User must follow our company's and this site's terms, and pay the fee to us.
  • Payment shall be effected by PayPal, and user shall follow the PayPal's standard.

Article 6 Return Product

Users can not cancel trading and return products after purchasing, excluding the following case.

  • If it does not achieve trading purposes due to our intention or culpable negligence.
  • If product is recognized the early failures.

Article 7 Liability for Defect Warranty

If any defect occur in trading products through this service, we repair products, deliver an alternative or return the fee. However we shall bear no more responsibility.

Article 8 Title and Risk

  • Ownership of products shall be transferred to the customer from us when the delivery of the products is completed.
  • Our company shall bear any and all risk of losing products in case without willful and recognition attributable to from users and us at all times before delivering and user shall bear any and all the risk described above at all times after delivering.

Article 9 Disclaimer

  • We do not guarantee to compensate that such as interruption, stop, termination and unavailability of the service that we provided will not be occur by access concentration, effect of such computer virus and caused by slowdowns of display speed, system trouble or other causes based on other unexpected factors when using this service and site.Please use this service and site at your own risk.
  • We are not involved in and liable for any transactions and disputes between users and between user and third party in using this service.
  • We will not be liable for any responsibilities when all of this agreement or a part of delay of performance or impossibility are caused by natural disasters, incidents, wars, riots, civil strife, strikes, industrial action and any force majeure.

Article 10 Intellectual Property Rights

All rights about this site and service (including proprietary rights, intellectual property rights, portrait rights and publicity rights) belong to us or third parties who hold the rights, and user shall not use it in any way beyond the scope of private use without our permission.

Article 11 Prohibited Acts

When using the service, the acts by Customers corresponding to the following items are prohibited.When user falls under any of the items in the preceding paragraph, service user rights rescinded, or user qualifications revoked by us and we shall take legal action after prohibiting further use of this service.Furthermore, we shall reserve right to claim additional compensation from the user for any and all damages.

  • Acts in violation of this article.
  • When minor and other's behavioral ability is limited, acts that use the service without consent of guardian of minor or other legal guardian.
  • Acts that register false personal information.
  • Acts that will or may violate laws and ordinances, and regulations.
  • Acts that will or may result in infringing intellectual property of third parties or this company.
  • Acts that slander third parties and this company, and damage the trust, reputation, rights of publicity and/or other rights of third parties or this company.
  • Acts that post on or transmit information, file and/or software that may destroy or infect computer with such computer viruses and worms.
  • Acts that act as another user or third party in using this service. (Including act that manipulate such email's header to spoof.)
  • Acts that target at marketing activities or profits which do not serve our service's purpose, use for commercial purposes, religious activity, interrupt other operation and provision, and obstruct operation and provision of the service.
  • Acts falsifying or acquire information which other users, bystander or us inputted.
  • Other acts that may be deemed inappropriate by this company.

Article 12 Compensations

If we suffers any damage, loss or expense due to any willful misconduct or negligence on user who violates this agreement, user shall compensate us for such damages or losses or expenses according to the provisions of this agreement.

Article 13 Non-disclosure

  • Unless otherwise stipulated, user and we shall not disclose or divulge any information gained through this service (herein referred to as "Confidential Information") to a third party and shall not use the information for any other purposes than this service.
  • Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the following types of information shall not be treated as Confidential Information.
    1. Information which we get a permission from a disclosing party by a prior written consent for disclosure to a third party.
    2. Information offered or disclosed between user and us which at that point in time was already publicly known information.
    3. Information which after being offered or disclosed between user and us later became public knowledge through no fault of either user or us.
    4. Information offered or disclosed between user and us which at that point in time was already the closed party has legally.
  • Notwithstanding the provision of 2 preceding paragraphs, user and we disclose the adverse party's confidential information when user and we are required or requested or got enforceable order from enforceable court or government.However, when user and we get the order, require or request, user and we shall promptly notify the adverse party to that effect.
  • This article shall be existed and applicable after user terminates use of our services.

Article 14 Exclusion of Anti Social Forces

  • User and we represents and warrants that do not fall under any of the following respective items now and in the future.
    1. The anti social forces.
    2. Operating an entity having such relationship with anti social forces. that shows their control over the entity’s management.
    3. Operating an entity having such relationship with anti social forces. That shows their substantial involvement in the entity’s management.
    4. Operating an entity having such relationship with anti social forces. That shows reliance on anti social forces. For the purpose of unfairly benefiting oneself, one’s own company or third parties or of damaging third parties.
    5. Operating an entity having such relationship that shows provision of funds or facilities to anti social forces.
    6. Operating an entity of which Board members or people substantially involved in its management have socially condemnable relationship with anti social forces.
    7. A person who themselves or through the use of third parties conducts a demand with an unreasonable demand beyond its legal entitlement, damages the credit or obstructs the business of the other party by spreading false rumors or by the use of fraudulent.
  • Either we and user may terminate this agreement immediately if the other party breaches any of its representations and warranties set forth in Article 14 without any notice or demand and we reserve the right to claim compensation.

Article 15 Assignment Clause

User shall not assign, transfer, grant security interests in or otherwise dispose, regardless the form of all its rights related to this service or its obligations or its status without prior approval from us.

Article 16 Court with Jurisdiction

The action between user and our company shall be under a court, which having jurisdiction over the location of the company shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction by consent of the first instance.

Article 17 Governing Law

Interpretation of the terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Effective as of 28th April 2017