This Product Contains Nicotine Which is a Highly Addictive Substance.

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High-density design

With the aim of being compact and stylish, this MTL RDA was designed to appear as small and thin as possible.

Its interior is equipped with narrow chambers and wide wells, with special emphasis on giving the product a clean symmetry and a solid feel.

Equipped with a dual air control system

This product is equipped with a dual air control system which combines a cover with novel internal rotating parts (orbital rings) that enhance the insulator.

You can easily toggle between "single airflow" and "dual airflow" modes using just your nails.

The special tool enclosed can be used to control the air intake with even greater precision (which ultimately depends on the extent to which the airhole on the cover is open).

The difference in the levels between the cover airflow and the deck's airflow hole serves to suppress excessive noise and prevent liquid leakage.

In addition, by cutting the dent of the deck at an angle, light is reflected in a way that allows you to easily know the extent to which the airhole is open and make adjustments so that just enough air is allowed to pass through the gap.

Uncompromising design of the deck

Each pole is placed symmetrically around the coil in a design that takes after the logo of MONOMOD.

Using an independent pole with a cut bottom, the product can hold an appreciable amount of liquid.

The dent above the airhole outlet serves to stabilize the steam flow.

By cutting the fixed part of the coil base diagonally towards the center, coils with fewer turns can also be easily installed.


( design dimensions )

- Diameter: Φ22mm

- Height: 19.2mm ( excluding drip tip and 510 connections )

- Drip tip ( for 510 )

Diameter: Φ10mm, Height: 6.5mm, Inner diameter: Φ3mm

Material / Finish

Cover: SUS304

 SS Silver: Hairline finish

 SS Black: Sandblast + Black PVD coating finish

- Deck: SUS304

- Post: SUS304

- Center pin: SUS304 nickel plating + gold plating finish

- Insulator: PEEK resin

- Orbital ring: POM resin ( ≒ Duracon ≒ Delrin )

- Setscrews: SUS304

- Negative post fixing screw: SUS304

- DripTip: POM resin ( ≒ Duracon ≒ Dellin )


- Device

- Manual

- Orbital ring rotation tool

- Mini driver

- Deck O-ring x 2

- DripTip O-ring x 2

- Setscrews x 2

- Negative pole fixing screw

- Center pin for BF

Design Japan
Mass production China ( Heavengifts / DeepinMaker Alliance Manufacturing )
Guarantee If the product fails within one year after purchase or is found by our company to be defective, we handle the problem in ways such as accept the return of the product, replace the product, send replacement parts.

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